Climate-Controlled Storage Units

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Why Climate Control?

Another level of protection against the elements

The weather in our great state is notorious. It’ll be flip-flop weather one day and then time for scarves and winter coats the next. This can cause major problems for the items stored in a traditional, non-climate-controlled self storage unit. 

By comparison, a climate-controlled self storage unit helps protect your items from these changes with a regulated internal temperature. This better protects your property and helps make mold and mildew less likely!

Climate-Controlled Storage Units in a Range of Sizes

Items That Benefit From Climate Control

Here are just a few of the items that benefit from climate control, but most items stored long-term deserve added protection!

  • Clothing and bedding
  • Electronics
  • Documents and art
  • Records
  • Antiques
  • …and more!

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Climate-Controlled Storage Units

Protect your items from fluctuating temperatures and humidity with a climate-controlled self storage unit.

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